Is this who we are?

It’s Sunday-four days after the election and I no longer roam NYC like a zombie -I feel sober and angry but no longer zombie like-thinking about how could this happen, worrying about my family and friends who now have a very uncertain future and who are anxiously waiting for policies that could break them apart from their sons and daughters, their careers, friends, and their country, they only one they have known.

While getting out of the shell shock I experienced, I remember asking in class last semester  about Donald Trump’s appearance on SNL and asking, is this who we are? is this who America is? Why are we rewarding a man who not to long ago called Mexicans rapist and drug dealers?

Well,  I am afraid to say, that yes, this is who a large percentage of people are in this country, people who are willing to overlook racist, misogynistic, anti-muslin, xenophobic, and homophobic rhetoric, people who are afraid of being left behind by a country that does not look like them- guess what? we are not going anywhere!- who see the change in demographic as a threat to their witness and way of living, who rather be living in a 1950s racist America then in 2016 pluralist, black, brown, muslin, full of strong women America. To me, this election was about white supremacy and protection of white values.

Today, like before, I struggle with my identity as an American, am I one? should I feel like one? Do people see me as one? but right now I am terrified about my future as an immigrant, scare for those DACA beneficiaries who may see their future dissolved before their eyes and mine, concerned for my LGTB and Muslims friends, worry about the teenage girls who get to live knowing that the -I can’t say it yet- thinks  they are not valuable, that they are objects to be rated on the 1-10 scale, someone who is currently being accused of sexual harassment and rape. I am afraid for rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment survivors who now see this heinous man get rewarded for his misogynistic behavior. I am also, afraid for boys, because they get the same message.

I am no longer a Zombie but i am still worry and terrified. Now I will find allies and fight because in the words of René Pérez Joglar ” Si aqui yo trabajo, pues aqui tengo mi casa”.  This is my country too and I am not going anywhere and i will fight with all my might to protect the rights of other for whom this country is their home as well. Hoy lloro but tomorrow I fight.  I will not be lazy, or complaisant, I will not let others do the work for me, I will march, I will write, I will do everything in my power to counterattack everything that’s coming our way, I wont let this anger go to waste.

Tenemos que luchar!

We have to do better!



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